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The REESHI Guestlist is a digital community where luxury health and wellness fans, retreat hosts, product vendors, and

wellness influencers come together.

When you subscribe to the REESHI Guestlist, you get early bird access and discounts to our clients' retreats, wellness products and health services along with cozy recipes, product reviews, and updates on the luxury health and wellness market. 

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We aren't like those other newsletters - we only namaste up in your inbox on the first of the month because we believe quality over quantity in everything that we do. 

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Guestlist Partner

We only partner with and promote to the REESHI community brands, products and services that meet our REESHI standard for eco-friendliness, climate consciousness, and business intention.


If you are interested in gaining the REESHI seal of approval and becoming a Guestlist partner, email Carolyn at

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