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Let me introduce you to REESHI and tell you why we even exist.

Our Founding Story - a Brief and less Chaotic Version

Namaste - a pause acknowledging union between us, the world, and the eternal; the light in me acknowledges the light in you, in everything.

Namaste is where REESHI began and how REESHI will sustain. Thank you for being here and sharing in this journey of storytelling, entrepreneurship, and community building with us.

Yael and I met years ago at a dinner party (mine)- she was a mutual friend of a friend who I found highly entertaining in the pauses when I was able to escape the steam and heat of my tiny San Francisco kitchen. But due to my inability to hold a phone in between doling out large bowls of hot noodle soup and garnishing them with chili oil and perfectly fried eggs, I never got her number.

I was making a shining vegetarian version of the deservingly famous 重庆小面 Chongqing xiaomian (small noodles) that are anything but small, but I digress.

I then moved away, I moved back, I moved away, I moved back, and was finally ready to settle down in SF the midst of COVID and meet new neighborhood friends. Luckily, a certain someone happened to live in my neighborhood and was seeking a Golden Gate Park walking pal. Yael and I soon became each others go-to gal in the city.

The next year was filled with probably 300 walks, and great laughter, empathy, listening and learning for both Yael and I, as the need for wellness tools and companionship became so evident throughout 2020 and 2021.

I also discovered that Yael was a creative. Like, a really really good creative. I admired her ability to "feel out" customer energies and design cohesive digital stories after a single meeting. I'd never met anyone who could do what she could, and I knew that if we ever decided to work together, we would truly be the dream team: her artistic mind and my process-driven brain.

“If you ever want to put your amazing branding skills and my strategy and operations obsession together, please let me know. We could work together to build something bold and empowering.”

We launched REESHI nearly one year after I made the pitch.

“If you ever want to put your amazing branding skills and my strategy and operations obsession together, please let me know. We could work together to build something bold and empowering.”


Once Yael agreed to move forward as cofounders, we spent months honing in on what we wanted REESHI to symbolize and who we wanted it to serve. We did not want to create just another agency; we wanted to set the foundation for a community, a movement, and both a digital and physical space for brands and their target audience to come together to engage in joyful wellness. Yael and I are our target customer; our dynamic concept works alongside brands that we would love to engage with and patronize personally. We also sought to work out an encouraging culture that would help other women be motivated to make bold professional moves and be agents of change inside and outside of work.

  • REESHI exists to create dynamic visual identities and digital strategies for luxury health and wellness brands seeking growth. REESHI's superior method combines the best of science, business and graphic design to build profitable strategies that deliver based on both logic and emotion.

  • REESHI also exists to design and grow authentic audiences both within and around the luxury wellness industry. Our team finds joy in our connecting with people who come from diverse backgrounds, the brands they create, and the conscious communities they attract.

  • REESHI also also exists to identify and nurture the growth potential in the individuals we work with. Every single person we interact with has personal & professional goals. We are honored to contribute to the collective conscious by identifying and nurturing those goals in our internal team, our partners, our clients, and our community.

REESHI | About the Name

REESHI is a spelling play on the word Rishi (Sanskrit: ऋषि), which is a term used to describe a seer or sage who has discovered deep levels of spiritual knowledge through periods of intense meditation.

In English, rishi also can be translated to mean “to go,” “to move" or “to flow.”

The soul purpose of REESHI is to assist brands in developing compelling identities that encourage an endless flow of knowledge and a utilization of available tools for pursuing and understanding those knowledges.

We desire our clients to build conscious communities that actively seek enlightenment in body, mind & spirit through the use of mental discipline (meditation, reflection), physical flow (yoga, Pilates, intentional movement), and sustainable products (eco-friendly, climate conscious, reusable & recycled).

The inner Rishi is reflected in all the work REESHI does.

Proudly Female Founded, Managed, Owned & Operated

I'm not sure if you know this, but only 0.1% of creative agencies are founded by women.

We won't get into the hows, whys and whats behind that statistic (in this post, at least...) but what we at REESHI know we want to focus on is that we will contribute to the shift towards gender parity.

We will invest in women-lead brands, female hires, training workshops, equitable pay, flexible hours, growth opportunities, financial planning, mentorship, and many other amazing policies, tools & resources that are proven to help women grow and succeed professionally.

Just writing that gets me so amped for what is to come for the REESHI community.

This is just the beginning! Namaste from the REESHI Founding Team to you 🙏

- Carolyn Kreuzkamp Cofounder REESHI

Think our vibe is a solid match for your brand's growth objectives and/or your next campaign?

Feel free send us an email.

*Please keep in mind, to maintain our creative integrity we only work with a select group of aligned clients at a time. If we are fully committed and we think there is a good fit, we will provide you the option of joining the REESHI foyer - a welcoming place where there is warm tea and we check-in on you every now and then.

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